Transport Krasnodar—Пицунда

Transport for freight from Krasnodar to Пицунда

Added: 03.08.2022 в 10:21

Type of transport:car

Type of body:microbus

Number of transport:1

Capacity:1 t Volume:4 m3

Length:2.5 m Width:1.2 m Height:1.2 m

Partial load:

Loading:Krasnodar, Krasnodarskii krai, Russia

Unloading:Пицунда, Abkhazia

Documents: TIR: EKMT: ADR:

Loading date:

03.08.2022 — 03.01.2023


Payment:rate w/o NDS

CHenakal Andrej Valerievich

Contact person:CHenakal Andrej Valerievich

Phone:+7 978 0255538

Mobile phone:+7 978 0255538